Here's some advice from one parent to another

It can feel like an endless spiral entertaining young people during the school holidays, hours upon hours of scrolling through your social media trying to find places to go, inspiration for interesting arts and crafts or things to bake. Then the 'parent guilt' because you've been staring at a screen for ages, not actually doing any of those activities with your children. Then just when you think you’re in the clear, because they’re back at school, it’s the weekend!

Well, stop scrolling through Pinterest! Here's some advice from one parent to another.

It's all about finding unusual purposes for ordinary items.

This year, during our Easter Art Clubs, we used leftover easter eggs and 'painted with chocolate'. All you need is some chocolate, food colouring, and as many piping bags as you have food colour options.

If that isn't your thing, you could take some inspiration from Henri Matisse, just as we did during a Summer Art Club, and 'Draw with Scissors'. All you need for that is some white paper, a few pieces of coloured paper, some scissors, and glue. The best thing is, there are no mistakes!

My favourite activity to do is one specifically for the change of seasons.  It's a chance to get outside and stop for a moment to appreciate nature. I call it the 'Treasure Trail', where you take pictures or descriptions of some flowers, pinecones, trees, or insects and see how many of them you can find on your map.

I'm always happy to share some ideas of things to do with young people, so if you ever see me around the building, please feel free to ask. Oh, and keep an eye on our website for Art Club, which will be back during the October holidays.

Connie Rideout

Creative Activities Officer