Macrobert Creative Quarter

A carefully curated sharing of opportunities, thoughts and reflections handpicked for the creative minded, topped off with a quarterly in-person gathering.

It’s been a longer than intended hiatus since our last Creative Breakfast (which was actually a Supper) in December. We’ve used the time toask for your input and look at how best we can use our resources to support our creative contacts. So…

Creative Breakfasts are changing, thanks to everyone who responded to our survey and helped us shape the way ahead. Less can be more, and the lighter touch of a monthly message via email with a richer experience when we do meet, embraces how precious time is.

We were glad to hear the clear message that meeting in person is still important to Creative Breakfasters and we love the open and equal forum for sharing what we are all up to.

The celebration of everyone’s activities that was true of Creative Breakfasts remains, a gathering by and for our creative community. Whether you’re a professional practitioner, a student of the arts, or you simply enjoy getting creative in your spare time, Creative Quarter is here to help you meet other inspiring people, share projects and ideas, and hear from different voices about some most exciting creative happenings.

To get Creative Quarter and invitations to our Creative Gatherings direct to your inbox on the first Friday of the month, please sign in to your Macrobert account and follow the steps below;

  • Sign into your Macrobert account
  • On the landing page, on the third purple tab along, click 'Contact Preferences'
  • At the bottom of the information, in blue, click 'Edit Contact Preferences'
  • The second last piece of information in bold will look like this -
  • I am happy to receive the monthly Creative Opportunities email from Macrobert, click yes

The first Creative Quarter will land in inboxes on Fri 07 July, I’m really looking forward to sharing this next chapter with old friends and new (make sure you sign up!)

Elizabeth Fuller

Venue and Projects Manager